• Sofie

Love is Blind

Love is blind...

For all those people seeking perfection... Checking boxes... Grow up & be real about it. Or... open up...Stop shopping for perfection.. Also stop wanting to be loved and actually start loving someone. Give up on perfection.

Learning to give up on perfection may be about the most romantic move any of us could make.

Why? Because you open the door to love.

Perhaps you convinced yourself that you want a blonde girl, a quiet one with an athletic body. Equal in height... Well... Love does not want to be caught in our minds in forms and sizes and preferences that we have archetypically received.

Do you remember your first love? Your last? Did she (or he) meet all your preferences? Did you notice?

Love happens to you apparently, your preferences fall away when you meet her, if you look him in the eye for the first time. It happens in a flash, even before you meet, love is already in the air. The earth is shivering with the loving energy and everything alignes so that you will meet each other.

And if you see each other then you might not recognize it immediately, you are confused about what happens to you now; you see that the other person sees you with a deep look that grabs you and you fall together in your eyes. Everything moves in you. You feel a deep trust that something essential is showing itself here, as if you can read each other, what the other feels, thinks, experiences.

"Love is a movement of the soul"

Love is a movement of the soul. It completely ignores everything you had ever thought of or could ever have imagined. So let go of every form and thought about how love should show itself.

It will surprise you the moment you do not expect it, it comes naturally, you do not have to do anything particular... you don’t have to fight for love (if you feel like you have to... its not love). Just relax, love yourself and the people in your life... Love is unconditional, independent of form or judgment and shows itself right through everything.


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